July 17th, 2009

The Families

La Famiglia Collefata

The rebel family; once a small subordinate of the Mortella family, the Collefata heir grew weary of playing servant to the Mortella and broke off with other dissatisfied family members. In search of power and control over the city, the Collefata don is a young and headstrong leader, living the life of new royalty and gaining a following of youth and upstarts who want a place in the rising star of power in the city.

La Famiglia Mortella

Ancient power is the common idea associated with the Mortella family. Centuries of strength in their position beside the throne built a strong sense of importance and a powerful hierarchy of loyalty to match their family values. Determined to keep their control on the city, they are willing to annihilate the Collefata at any cost. The don of the Mortella family is a middle-aged gentleman, diginified and astute, mindful of his ancestry. Despite his stern demeanor, he has a quality of leadership, and those who follow him are painfully loyal to the family.