i criminali mods (icriminalimods) wrote,
i criminali mods

Events & NPCs

People will vanish and reappear in this city. It's not all family battles and government arrests.

Sometimes it's the last thing you expect to happen.

They call it Reaping.

Someone will go out, innocently or not, on a night like any other. The black vans are the only warning when they disappear, for weeks, days, months. When they show up again, they're different. New powers, a new virus, missing something.

The labs are hell on earth. The scientists can make a better human, a monster- or they can steal your soul.

When the stakes in the city aren't high enough, a person can make their own luck in the city's premiere gambling establishment.

At the Fortuna, you can take bets on anything from poker to horse races, buy a hooker, get a room, or simply dance the night away in one of the themed clubs within the walls. The events held here are extravagant, and well worth the danger of having the city's warring factions in one confined place.

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